Especie de Espacios, Georges Perec
Content, Rem Koolhaas
Another Water, Roni Horn
The production of Space, Henri Lefebvre
Pornotopia, Beatriz Preciado
The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, William H. Whyte
La vida instrucciones de uso, Georges Perec
Body Language, Allan Pease
Operating Manual For Spaceship, Richard Buckminster Fuller
Critical Realism and Composition Theory, Donald Judd
The Architecture of the Wellness, Reyner Banham
Arquitectura en la ciudad, Aldo Rossi
No Stop City, Andrea Branzi
Delirious New York, Rem Koolhaas
Toys Play, Walter Benjamin
Small Images, Junya Ishigami
Architecture from the outside, Elizabeth Grosz
Liquid Modernity, Zygmunt Bauman
Man, Play and Games, Roger Caillois
Citizens of No Place, Jimenez Lai
Lo infraordinario, Georges Perec
Urban Space, Rob Krier
Life Between Buildings, Jan Gehl
Conversations with Students, Louis Kahn
How small? How vast? How architecture grows?, Junya Ishigami
In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki
Architecture without Architecture, Simon Salder
Experiencing Architecture, Steen Eiler Rasmussen
Thinking Architecture, Peter Zumthor
Sexuality & Space, Beatriz Colomina
Studies by The Office of Ryue Nishizawa, Ippei Takahasahi
FAR MAX, Winy Maas
Post Occupany, Rem Koolhaas
Atelier By Nigo, Nigo
TRA, Tiger Tateishi
Freeing Architecture, Junya Ishigami
Weather Reports You, Roni Horn
Endurance, Alfred Lansing
Locals Only, Hugh Holland
Post Occupancy, Rem Koolhaas
Signal. Image. Architecture, John May
Site Determined, Robert Irwin
Dan Flavin Drawing, Isabelle Dervaux
Off Season, Fabien Fourcaud
The Logic of Disorder, Abraham Cruzvillegas
Take my Breath Away, Danh Vo
The Theatre of Disappearence, Adrian Villar Rojas


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